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bannerLow tension switchgear:
Low tension switchgear are use in mills, factory, developers, real state, CNG station, power station and other power related organization. This product manufactured by United Shakti Ltd.
Its main function is distribution of electricity to every extent.
United Shakti L.T. Switchgear is sheet steel, metal fabricated, enclosed/semi enclosed, free standing and floor mounting type cubicle. The cubicle contains protection and control units required to provide the desired performance/protection. It can be equipped with Circuit Breaker, Relays, Control and Indicating auxiliaries.
For voltage and current monitoring, voltmeter, ammeter, indicating Lamps, selector switches etc are mounted on the upper portion of the front cover of the cubicle.
Copper bus bars of adequate size with Red, Yellow and Blue marking are mounted in the upper part of the cubicle. The bus bars are firmly supported by insulators having adequate mechanical and electrical strength.

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