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bannerHigh tension switchgear (VCB/LBS):
High tension switchgear are use in mills, factory, developers, real state, CNG station, power station and other power related organization. This product manufactured by United Shakti Ltd. Its main function is distribution of electricity to every extent.
United Shakti H.T. Switchgear equipped with Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB), Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker (MOCB), Sulpher Hexa Fluoride Circuit Breaker (SF6) and Load Break Switch (LBS) are designed for Industries, Office Building, Apartment Complex and other users. Rated Voltage are 12 KV and 33 KV for current ratings from 400 A to 1250 A and breaking capacities from 250 MVA to 1500 MVA.
The Breakers are either fixed or for installations with draw-out apparatus, mounted on trolleys together with appropriate interlock facilities. All Breakers have a manually tensioned stored-energy operating mechanism. If required, the operating mechanism can also be driven by a motor, fitted with autoreclose facilities and with various kinds of release.
Origin of Circuit Breakers: Germany, England, France, Japan or equivalent.

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