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bannerPower and distribution transformer (50KVA to 4000KVA):
Power and distribution transformer are use in mills, factory, developers, real state, CNG station, power station and other power related organization. This product is a manufactured by United Shakti Ltd. Its main function is distribution of electricity to every extent.
The transformer are oil-immersed, naturally/forced cooled (ONAN/ONAF) suitable for outdoor (pole/pad mounting) and indoor installation. Both single phase (6350/240V, 11000/240V, or others) and three phase (33000/11000, 33000/415V, 11000/415V or others) types are available. The transformers meet the requirements of IEC-76 and BS-1 71.
Transformer TESTS
Each and every transformer is routinely subjected to rigorous Test to IEC-76 for ensuring adequate quality and performance.
• Ratio and polarity
• Resistance balance
• Insulation resistance
• High tension withstand
• Induced voltage withstand
• Iron losses and no load current
• Copper losses
• Impedance voltage
• Vector group
• Dielectric strength of oil

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